TOPCOR Offshore is a proud division of TOPCOR Companies, a network of specialty contractors specializing in a range of services from rubber lining, steel fabrication, concrete restoration, pipe rehabilitiation, pipeline supplies, field and shop structural painting,  tank lining, and more.  Our wealth of capabilities allows us to collaborate and find long term, economical solutions to any project.  As a group, we work together to provide expert knowledge and solutions to any project you bring to us. 

TOPCOR Belco, LLC : Rubber Lining | Fabrication and Field Services | Tank Fabrication and Repair
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TOPCOR Construction, LLC : Pipeline Construction | Pipeline Rehabilitation | Hot Tapping | Plant Piping | Blasting and Coating | Civil Construction
For More Information Visit: HTTP://www.topcor.com/divisions/TOPCOR-CONSTRUCTION-1
TOPCOR Quality Applications, LLC : Coating Solutions | Fireproofing | Tank lining | Inspection | Insulation
For More Information Visit: HTTP://www.topcor.com/divisions/TOPCOR-QUALITY-APPLICATIONS-1
TOPCOR Services, LLC : Cathodic Protection | Concrete Restoration | Pile Jackets | Shotcrete/ (Gunite) | Expansion Joints | Crack Injection/ Repair
For More Information Visit: HTTP://www.topcor.com/divisions/TOPCOR-SERVICES-1
US Fusion : Contracting, Fabrication, and Supplier of Plastic Piping | Containment Systems | Specialty Welded Plastics |
For More Information Visit: HTTP://www.usfusion.com/index.php


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