RiserClad Success in South America
7/19/2011 2:53:30 PM


An oil and gas producer in South America was required by regulation to address heavy active external corrosion on seventy-seven oil producing platforms, with pile sizes ranging from 16”- 42” inches. The facilities are located in depths of 50 to 280 feet of water indicative of difficult working conditions including heavy wave action. Because the conditions a traditional coating solution proved to be difficult, or impossible to apply while providing a limited repair life.


RiserClad® is a long lasting corrosion protection solution designed specifically for splash zone application. Utilizing local divers and labor, TOPCOR Offshore first cleaned the surfaces to be protected using an underwater grit blasting below the surface and wet sand blasting above the surface to mitigate spark production. The surfaces were cleaned to near white metal before the RiserClad® system was applied.


The piles to be protected were treated with RiserClad®, allowing the platform to remain in full working operation and were provided with longlasting corrosion protection. TOPCOR Offshore is currently working on continued installation of RiserClad® to the remaining piles according to regulation.
 RiserClad® Half Shell- Pre Application              Risers to be protected with RiserClad®                 Preparing the RiserClad®
           RiserClad® Installation                                   "After" View of RiserClad®                                     "After" View of RiserClad®
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