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TOPCOR Offshore, provides the oil, gas, pipeline and petrochemical industries with specifically engineered corrosion protection and repair products that are able to withstand the toughest of splash zone or other hostile marine conditions. Our products utilize highly advanced composite technology to reduce excessive maintenance and repair costs associated with corrosion damage. TOPCOR Offshore products are installed by our expert team who conduct a thorough inspection prior to application because for TOPCOR Offshore, our goal is not to artificially fix the problem, but to get to the root of it's cause and to ensure that your investments are protected long term.

TOPCOR Offshore’s proprietary products are sold internationally in the oil and gas industry through a network of agents and distributors. Contact us for distributor information.

Product Specialization 
Corrosion and Wall Loss Repair
TOPCOR Offshore offers a number of corrosion and wall loss repair solutions to reinforce pipeline wall loss.  Please click thumbnails below for more information.
 ClockSpring - By ClockSpring ®                                     





Corrosion Protection
 Peel and Stick
Field Applied Corrosion Protection
 for Pipe Supports
(Nominal Pipe Fit)
DynaGard® Flat
Peel and Stick
Field Applied Corrosion Protection
 for Pipe Supports
(Sleeper Fit)
Field Applied, Rigid Composite
 Corrosion Barrier
For the Splash Zone


Field Applied, Flexible Composite
Corrosion Barrier for  Piping with Bends and T's 
Shop Applied, Seamless Composite Coating
For New Construction
Field Applied, Corrosion Protection
For Clamps and Supports


 Shop Applied, seamless composite coating for new construction



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