TOPCOR's proprietary corrosion and repair products are installed under the supervision of field personnel who have undergone years of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry and who have specialized in corrosion repair and remediation. Our expert superintendents facilitate each project to ensure the highest quality and precision. We offer capabilities for a wide range of installation support that expedite successful remediation and repair projects. Through our services, customers are able to reduce the number of vendors required for corrosion maintenance and repair and achieve considerable cost savings.


TOPCOR Offshore offers Level I & II topside inspections as well as Level III underwater inspections. UT thickness inspections are offered in support of our repair activities. All inspections are carried out by fully trained and certified technicians and concise reports are provided detailing all results. Our in-house rope access and dive support capabilities enhance our ability to provide cost effective inspection solutions. Environmental considerations are taken into account in order to identify and qualify any conditions that could affect the installation of the corrosion protection or repair product.


TOPCOR Offshore's expert team can offer long term maintenance and repair for any corrosion susceptible platform. Our capabilities include structural repair and reinforcement, riser and process pipe restoration, and leak repair. From caissons to structural members, TOPCOR Offshore has all of your corrosion protection and maintenance needs covered.

Project Management

TOPCOR Offshore has the ability to save client resources by offering turn-key project management through our affiliate TOPCOR Companies. Our experienced project managers and offshore supervisors can oversee all phases of your offshore corrosion remediation or repair project from logistics, fabrication, scaffolding, and coating task, utilizing our family of contractors and partners. This one stop approach can significantly reduce project cost while also requiring less client support.

Composite Repair Systems

TOPCOR Offshore provides unique composite repair systems through means of concrete restoration and protection, leak sealing on concrete structures, marine pile protection systems, and more. We make it our priority to take on the project and turn it over to yield long-lasting, effective results.


TOPCOR Offshore uses commercially certified divers with experience ranging from 2 25 years, along with qualified topside hands to professionally and effectively complete projects per specification.
Fire Proofing
TOPCOR Offshore and TOPCOR Quality Applications offer Chartek® 7, an intumescent subliming material that can be used on bulkheads and decks and can withstand extreme conditions prevalent to offshore structures including salt water, high winds, and splash zones. Chartek ® 7 also provides up to two hours evacuation time upon the event of an offshore blast. Fireproofing services are provided by our NACE certified team, who carry out the job to ensure long lasting quality and superior protection.




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